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The key to keeping your balance, is knowing where you've lost it.

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Courtney is an Advanced Kinesiology Practitioner and registered with the Australian Institute of Kinesiologists (AIK). In her previous years, she has competed at multiple World Championship’s for Jump Rope Skipping, traveled overseas to assist with workshops and spent a lot of time working in schools and in customer service learning about people. With a passion for natural health and holistic therapy, she hopes to encourage people to take control over their health leading to a more fulfilling and prosperous life.

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Keep Your Balance is here to look at you - THE WHOLE YOU! - physically, emotionally and chemically. Offering a service that’s holistic and natural, Courtney allows you to become your own, most dependable health expert.


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To bring awareness, clear blockages, and restore BALANCE by empowering the body's natural ability to heal, so that you can achieve your goals. We are an extraordinary and powerful being that have the intelligence to create a life we truly desire, so in saying that... put yourself first, discover Kinesiology and let's start your health journey!



Kinesiology (KIN-EASY-OLOGY) is the science of energy balancing.  It combines centuries-old techniques used in Traditional Eastern Medicine with Modern Western Anatomy and Physiology. 

The literal meaning of "Kinesiology" is the "study of movement". If you look at what that means in a broader sense, you could say Kinesiology assesses how you move through life. Kinesiology helps clear energy blocks while encouraging the body's natural ability to heal and restore homeostasis (that is, to keep one's balance). 

Kinesiology works through muscle testing. A specific indicator muscle is used to access the body’s biofeedback system to help identify the source of a person’s physical or emotional stress. Different kinesiology techniques are then used to encourage the bodys innate healing intelligence in order for the person to feel balanced....in other words FEEL GOOD!

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What others say....

“What an experience it was to learn so much about my mind and body during my sessions with Courtney. She showed such compassion, really listened to me and explained what to expect during the session in a way I could understand. I no longer have the frequent headaches I’ve experienced for so long but Courtney has also given me so much insight to understanding myself as a whole”.

— Maria

Rock Balancing
"Pain is a way our bodies try to communicate—sometimes screaming at us to pay attention—and only when we learn to listen are we able to treat what ails us to achieve optimum healing and lifelong health"
— Dr. Rachel Carlton Abrams
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