“The only thing stopping you from living a life you want is YOU.”

In a session our goal is to identify the underlying stress and remove the mental blocks which are holding you back from living the life you want.

We focus on your thoughts, feelings, behaviours, and values and how they contribute to your mental health and well-being. 

Who will benefit?

Anyone who is…

  • Going through a difficult time and needs extra support.

  • Struggling with self-acceptance, self-love or self-worth.

  • Lacking life direction or purpose.

  • Struggling to cope with a particular situation or event from their past.

  • Struggling to overcome a fear or phobia. 


If this is you?


Muscle testing allows us to find the awareness we need so we can remove blockages and elements of self-sabotage, reprogram your mind and balance your body so you feel in control and on track to achieve your goals.