“The essence of health is inner balance ” (Andrew well). 

For optimal health and well-being it is important that your body is “IN-BALANCE” through 3 different aspects of health.


- The Physiological 

- The Psychological 

- The Bio-chemical  

This is represented in the "TRIAD OF HEALTH". 

If one side of the triangle is affected, it is therefore imbalanced. 

If one aspect of your health is affected, you will show symptoms of pain or stress.


The importance of Kinesiology is to place emphasis on all aspects of a persons well-being, rather than placing emphasis on the symptom. 

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All through...MUSCLE TESTING!

Muscle testing is the skill of applying appropriate pressure to a muscle detecting a change in strength. 


The muscle will respond by either holding to the same amount of applied pressure (“lock”) or by not holding to the same amount of applied pressure (“unlock”). For example, an “Unlock” muscle response could indicate there is an imbalance or stress.