Anxiety is one of our body’s natural response to stress.

In a session our goal is to effectively find the underlying cause of the anxiety and apply the right management strategies.

This involves focusing on your thoughts, feelings, past experiences, behaviours, values and how they are impacting your quality of life.  


Who will benefit?


Anyone who has the following symptoms and would like to understand and manage their anxiety in the most effective way.


  • Excessively worrying, in fear, catastrophizing or obsessive thinking.

  • Avoiding situations that make you feel anxious such as socialising or leaving the house.

  • Having panic attacks, hot and cold flushes, a racing heart, tight chest, heavy breathing and restlessness. 


If this is you?


Muscle testing allows us to bi-pass your conscious mind to find out what's contributing to your anxiety.  By identifying the triggers and understanding your symptoms, we are able to restore balance and create new neurological pathways so you can think, feel and act differently.