Indeed, stress may be the greatest contributing factor to illness in the Western World.

As we all meet challenges in our daily lives, stress is unavoidable. The key is to learn how to manage the stress by listening to our body and not let it take control.

In a session we will focus on your internal and external environment, such as what you put into your body and what you are exposed to - food, drinks, supplements, medications, toxins, fumes or other chemical stress - in order to assess what is impacting your health and energy levels.    


Who will benefit?


Anyone with the following symptoms that has “had enough” and wants to have a better quality of life. 


  • Low energy.

  • Lack of/ no motivation.

  • Difficulty staying focused or learning.

  • Difficultly sustaining energy levels.

  • Difficultly in function and body movement.  

If this is you?


Muscle testing allows us to uncover any disturbances to your body on an energetic and cellular level. By recognising the stress, we can then apply the appropriate changes to your diet and environment so you can feel replenished and vitalised.